Timesheets in Metis allow you to capture all time spent in any working week, and track it against client jobs, internal jobs and time off.

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Navigating to My Timesheets

To reach My Timesheets, select the Zones tab at the top of your Homepage and then select Time & Expenses. Then navigate to the tab My Timesheets. You can also select the Timesheets & Expenses Panel from your Homepage. 

My Timesheets is where you can submit your weekly timesheet. You can also view previous and future timesheets via this tab.


By default, the My Timesheets tab will show your timesheet for the current week (as above).

If you want to add a timesheet for another week, you can either;

  1. Select the arrows to move backwards and forwards a week at a time
  2. Pick a week from the calendar icon
  3. Select your open timesheet using the dropdown menu, which will show you your past timesheets with their statuses, including timesheets that are overdue  

Adding Jobs to a timesheet

In Metis, provided your timesheet has not yet been submitted by yourself, you can add as many jobs to it as you wish. 

There are two ways to add a job to your timesheet.

The first way is to add jobs to your timesheet by clicking the Add a job or time off field. 

  1. When you select the field, a drop-down menu of jobs will appear, showing all jobs you are allowed to book time against. If you do not see a job that you have been working on, this may be because you have not been allocated to it in Metis for this week. Speak to the job lead for that specific job or your Metis administrator to fix this.
  2. After you have found your job and selected it, select the Add button to add the job to your timesheet.

       3. The second way is to add jobs to your timesheet by clicking Copy jobs from last week. After selecting this, you will see the following pop-up window:


    4. You can copy the jobs you want to your timesheet by ticking the box next to a job.

    5. Then, click Add to timesheet to add all your selected jobs to your timesheet

Adding time to a timesheet


  1. Add the amount of time worked in hours for each job. Metis accepts time intervals as small as a quarter of an hour in timesheets. (e.g. 7.25 for 7 hours 15 minutes)
  2. You can leave comments against each day and job if needed ( this may be required for specific jobs).
  3. Your hours are Fully Chargeable by default. If only parts of your hours are chargeable, untick the Fully Chargeable box and specify your chargeable and nonchargeable hours in the boxes that will appear.Chargeable_box
  4. Your timesheet is autosaved as you enter the information, you can continue to add hours for other days and Jobs. If you don’t want to submit it yet, you can leave this page and return to it later.

Submitting a Timesheet

When you have completed your timesheet, click Submit for approval. Your timesheet will then be submitted for approval and you can select Go to Timesheet to return to the Timesheet view. Ready_to_submit_timesheet

Alternatively, if you made a mistake in your timesheet, you can click Unsubmit it please to return to edit your Timesheet.


Once a timesheet has been submitted, you can no longer edit it, and the unsubmit button will not be available for this timesheet once you leave this page. If you really need to make an edit after submission, you can ask your Metis Administrator to re-open your timesheet.


TIP - Remember to submit your timesheet for approval at the end of each week.

You will be notified by email and on your Homepage if your timesheet is rejected.

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