If your manager has a query about your timesheet, they may reject it in order to clarify this with you. If your timesheet is rejected, you will receive an email about it. 

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Navigating to your rejected timesheet

If your timesheet is rejected, you will receive an email about it. Click the link in your email and you will be taken to your rejected timesheet. You will also see a notification about the rejected timesheet on your Homepage. To access the rejected timesheet from your Homepage select Go to My Timesheets & Expenses and then select the rejected timesheet from within the My open timesheets area.


Reviewing comments and resubmitting your timesheet

On seeing that you have a rejected timesheet on your Time & Expenses summary page, click the green arrow to go to the rejected item.



The Timesheet view will show you why your timesheet was rejected and will highlight the problem row in red.

  1. You can either edit the hours for rejected timesheet rows or delete the whole row as appropriate. 
  2. You can also make changes to approved rows in your timesheet. if you change the approved rows, the changes will need to be re-approved. 
  3. When you have made all your changes to your timesheet, click Submit for Approval

Your timesheet is now submitted for approval and you can click Go To Timesheet to return to timesheet view for the current week, or navigate to My Summary to see if any other items require reviews.

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