On your Homepage you will be notified of all timesheets submitted by employees under your management. To review a submitted timesheet that requires your approval click Go To My Approvals.


On the My Approvals page you can see the list of submitted timesheets and expense claims  that you need to approve. If you are assigned as an Approver on a job, you will see all submitted timesheets related to that job. The person responsible for approving timesheets and expenses on jobs is defined when the job is first set up.


For each item in the list, you will see following information:

1. The Type of item, which can either be a timesheet or an expense claim

2. The Person who has submitted the item

3. The Date for the timesheet 

4. The Approval Status, which will be one of: Awaiting Approval Overdue, Not Submitted Overdue, Awaiting Approval and Not Submitted

You can only approve items which have the status: Awaiting Approval Overdue or Awaiting Approval. To approve items with other statuses, see Ghost Mode

5. The total number of days to be approved for a timesheet or total value of an expense claim

6. To see timesheet details , click the Expand icon on the right side of the screen. To learn more about Expenses approvals, see Approving Expense Claims article.

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