Navigating to the My Expenses tab
The My Expenses tab allows you to create, edit and submit expense claims against client and internal jobs. 

You can reach navigate here by selecting the Zones tab at the top of the Homepage and then choosing Time & Expenses, where you will see the secondary tab, My Expenses.


Start a new expense claim

First, select Start New Expense Claim if you do not have any un-submitted open expense claims. 

If you already have an open expense claim, the Start New Expense Claim button will be greyed out, as you cannot have more than one open claim at a time (see image below).


Add a new expense item

You will then be presented with the below window. This where you fill in all of the details of the expense.


The numbers on the image above correspond to the fields that you can enter. Details on these fields are explained below.

1. Select the Date Incurred. By selecting this box you'll see a calendar appear, for you to choose the date. If you click the month shown at the top of the box, you can select another month without using the navigation arrows.

2. Select a Job from a the list. You can also filter the job list by typing in a job to search. This can be done by client name, job name or even "Internal", to see the internal jobs to which you can allocate your expense. 

3. You can also filter this list, by ticking Internal jobs or Client Jobs only.

4. You can select Choose from recently used jobs, if you would like to add an expense against a client that you have used in a previous expense claim. This will give you a filtered list of all your previously used clients.

5. Select Bill to client, if your claim is chargeable. 

6. Add a Description of the expense.

7. Choose the Expense Type from the list. Some types may require a receipt based on your company settings (if this is the case the form will notify you). Some Expense Types require you to input more information such as Mileage. See here for more details on adding a mileage expense.

8. Change the currency if this expense was paid for in something other than your base currency.

9. Enter the value of the item.

10. Choose your payment method. More payment methods can be added by editing your Profile through the People tab.

11. Add further Comment to this expense item.

12. Upload a receipt image from your device or from your Receipt Library.

13. You can Save or Save and add another to this job. The latter is useful if you are adding a large batch of expenses to the same job in succession.

Adding a mileage expense

If your Expense Type is Mileage, you need to fill in From.., To.. and Distance and select Mileage rate in the boxes that will appear.


Adding a foreign currency expense

You can submit a foreign currency expense against any expense type other than Mileage. To change the currency of your expense to the currency in which you paid in, select Currency and scroll or type in the search bar to search to list.


If you selected GBP as a currency, enter Original Total Amount paid. If you selected another currency as the base currency, the form will update, allowing you to enter the Original Total Amount which now is the amount you paid in the other currency and the exchange rate. 


TIP - Remember to double-check that you entered Currency exchange rate in the right way. 

Adding a receipt image to your expense

You can add your receipt image by either selecting + Upload receipt to upload a receipt from your device or Add from library to add a receipt from your Metis Receipt library.

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