If your manager has a query about your expense claim, they may reject it in order to clarify this with you. If your claim is rejected, you will receive an email about it. 

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Navigating to your rejected expense items

If your claim is rejected, you will receive an email about it. Click the link in your email and you will be taken to your rejected claim.

You will also see a notification about the rejected claim on your Homepage. To access the rejected claim from your Homepage select Go to My Timesheets & Expenses and then select the rejected claim from within the My claims in progress area.T&E_widgetT&E_summary_page

Reviewing comments and resubmitting your claim


The Claim view will show your claim, and where appropriate, why your claim was rejected and which item it relates to - the issue will be highlighted in red.

To rectify the rejected item you can do two things:

  1. You can select the Pen icon to edit the details of your rejected claim item. You will only be able to edit the details of the rejected expense item, and won't be able to edit items that have already been approved as part of the same expense claim.
  2. You can select the Trash icon to delete an item from your claim.

When you have made your changes to the item, select Submit expense claim for approval.  You can also select Delete expense claim, if you want to delete your whole claim.Submit_expense_claim

Your claim is has now been re-submitted for approval and you can select Go to expense claim to return to the Claim view. You will be notified when your claim is has been approved or rejected.

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