If you are a Line Manager, Job Lead or Metis Administrator, you may be tasked with approving expense claims.

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Navigating to your outstanding approvals

You will be notified of all submitted expense claims to be approved by you on your Homepage. To view the claims you need to approve, select Go To My Approvals.

Within the My Approvals panel, the items under Awaiting Approval are timesheets and expenses which you need to approve for the current period. The items under Overdue Approvals are timesheets and expenses which are outside of the current period and are overdue approval.

Approvals_widgetOn the My Approvals page you can see the list of submitted timesheets and expense claims from your team, for whom you are their designated approver e.g if you are assigned as an Approver for a job, you will see all timesheets and expenses related to that job. The designated approver for a job's expense claims is defined when the job is first created, and will always be the Job Lead or Line Manager.

Approving expense claims

For each item in the approvals list, you will see the following information:


  1. The Type of each item, which can be either an expense claim or a timesheet
  2. The Person who has submitted the item
  3. The Date of the item
  4. The Approval status, which will be one of the following: Awaiting Approval Overdue, Not Submitted Overdue, Awaiting Approval and Not Submitted. You can only approve items which have a status of either: Awaiting Approval Overdue, or Awaiting Approval. (To approve items with other statuses, see Edit in Ghost Mode.)
  5. An export icon to export this data to a csv file for further analysis
  6. The Total value of the item
  7. A dropdown arrow icon on the right-hand side of a claim, to show more details

While looking into the details of an expense claim to be approved, you will see:


  1. The Submission Date of the claim.
  2. The Claim information including the Description, Expense category, Client and the Job details for each item.
  3. The Amount for each item within the claim.
  4. If the item is marked as chargeable or not.
  5. A thumbnail image of the receipt for this item. By hovering over this thumbnail you can see a larger version of this image.
  6. The Approval status and the Approver.
  7. The Reject and Approve buttons, which you’ll only see if a claim has been submitted for approval and you are the designated Approver. If you click Reject (the red cross icon), you will need to leave a comment explaining why you have rejected the item.
  8. You also have the opportunity to reject and approve multiple items simultaneously. Just tick the box and the Reject and Approve buttons at the top of the claim will be activated.

If you reject multiple items simultaneously, you can either leave the same comment for all of the items or leave different comments for each item in the boxes that appear.


Tip!TIP - If you reject one item in an expense claim, the whole claim will come back to the Person as rejected.

The Approval status of a claim will change to Approved if you have approved all the rows in a claim. If you rejected one of the rows, the claim's Approval status will be Rejected.

The expense claim owner will be notified about whether you have approved or rejected their claim. In the event of rejection, the expense claim owner can correct their claim and re-submit it for approval.

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