If you are a Metis Administrator, you will have access to the Manage Zone. This is particularly useful as you can see at a glance information for everyone across the business.

This article contains:

Navigating to the People Expenses tab

The People Expenses tab allows you to find and manage all expense claims from everyone in the business. You can reach this view by selecting the Zones tab at the top of the Homepage and then choosing Manage > People Expenses.



Setting the filters

Once here you can choose your criteria for finding the expense claims you’re looking for, by selecting Show Filters on the Find Expenses bar.Find_expenses_filters

The filters panel allows you to filter by the following information:

  1. You can select either Date range from a list or select date range by selecting the Calendar boxes
  2. Choose from the list of People whose expense claims you wish to view. You can also type their name to begin searching. Repeat the process to add as many people as you need to find claims for
  3. You can select one or more Clients
  4. You can search for items against only Internal Jobs by ticking this box
  5. You can select one or more Jobs from the list
  6. You can choose from the possible Approval statuses of a claim
  7. To find claims matching your criteria, select Find claims

Reviewing the expense claims

You will then see the screen update to show all items which match your filter criteria.


  1. You will be shown how many Matching claims that were found against your given criteria
  2. You can select Expand all to see details for all claims returned in this filter
  3. Extract this information into a csv file by selecting the Export icon
  4. The Person, who has submitted the claim
  5. The Date of a claim
  6. The Total expense claim value
  7. The Approval status of a claim
  8. The item information of all items within the expense claim
  9. If you are a Metis Administrator then you can select Edit claim in ghost mode to edit a claim. In ghost mode you can edit all claims, even those which have not been submitted for approval.
  10. To see details of a claim, click the dropdown arrow on the right side of a claim

If you want to edit any items on this expense claim on behalf of the other person, you need to do so in ghost mode. Read how to edit timesheets/expense claims in ghost mode.

Tip!As a Metis admin, you can approve any item (timesheet or expense claim) without being the designated approver. If you approve any item through Manage, it will be removed from the approver's list of approvals to be actioned (on their Homepage and Timesheets & Expenses area). You will then be listed as the approver where the status is shown (see above image).

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