The My receipt library view allows you to upload and manage receipts from your laptop or mobile device. You can reach this view by selecting the Zones tab at the top of the Homepage and then choosing My receipt library.

You will see following screen:


1.You can search for receipts by File name.

2. You can select a range for Date uploaded.

3. You can select receipts by File type.

4. You can select receipts by Usage. 

5. Once you have made your selections, click Find receipts.

You will be shown receipts matching your criteria. You will then see the following information for each receipt:

6. The Preview of a receipt.

7. The Filename of a receipt.

8. You can edit the Filename of a receipt.

9. The File type of a receipt.

10. The Date uploaded of a receipt.

11. The Usage of a receipt.

12. You can remove a receipt.