This article will show you how to do this in two different ways. You can either watch a short animation (gif) ► which auto-replays in case you missed anything, or read a conventional list of actions [?] with accompanying screenshots.

The Clients Zone allows you to add and manage your clients. 

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How do I get to the Clients Zone?

Click on Zones on the Navigation bar and then select Clients


How do I add a new client? ► [?]


Click + New client.


You'll then be able to add the Basic Details of this client, as shown below.





In a hurry? The minimum information you need to enter to create a client in Metis is 1, 2 and 3 shown above. The rest you can add later on.

1. Create a Client name. Client names are unique so Metis won’t let you create a new client with same name as an existing one.

    Optionally, create a Client ref code. This can be useful if you need to match another system in your business or if you have clients with similar names.

2. The Client owner is the lead person with responsibility for the relationship with this client in your business. You can either select Client owner from a list of existing users or invite a new person by clicking + Invite new person. You need to add basic personal details and contact info before inviting a person.


Your company's base trading currency will be shown here. This is set in your company's Settings.

You can also select a sector for this client from the list if your business has decided to uses this feature. You can add/update sectors in your company Settings.

3. The main point of contact for this Client. Metis only allows one main contact per Client, and this person has no links with anything other than the Client they belong to in Metis.

Click Save at the bottom of the page, and you're done. You can now create opportunites and jobs for this client.

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