The Central Expenses view allows you to add new central expense to Metis. You can reach this view by selecting the Zones tab at the top of the Homepage and then choosing Manage. Once at the Manage screen, you are able to click the Central expenses tab, and then + Add Central Expense.

First, fill in 
Basic details:

1. Choose a Client from the list. Tick Internal, if your central expense is for an Internal job.

2. Choose a Job from the list

3. Tick Chargeable, if your central expense is chargeable to the client.

4. Type a descriptive Expense name.

5. Choose the Date incurred from the calendar view.

6. Leave a comment if needed.

Then, fill in Supplier details:

8. Type in the Supplier name.

9. Type in any Reference number that you wish to add

10. Type in an Invoice number if you have one

11. Choose Invoice date from the calendar view.

12. Choose Invoice due date from the calendar view.

To finish your new central expense, fill in details about the Expense itself:

13. Choose an Expense type from the list.

14. Fill in the Total amount.

15. Fill in the Net amount if needed.

16. Click + Upload receipt to upload an image of the receipt from your smartphone or laptop or tablet or click Add from library to add a receipt image from your Receipt library.

17. Click Create to create a new central expense.