Welcome to the wonderful world of Metis!

So your business has recently decided to start using Metis - what does that mean for you? Probably, that ranges from completing your weekly timesheet in Metis to managing job financials, and being able to see overall business profitability.

Generally, in Metis you can:

  • Submit your weekly/monthly timesheets & expenses

  • Approve timesheets & expenses

  • View the business's resourcing schedule

  • Monitor your people's utilisation and compliance (timesheets & expenses)

  • Track and see predicted pipeline value from open opportunities

  • Manage job financials including budget, duration dates and allocate resources to them

  • Manage people in your business on Metis

  • Manage the clients you work with


What you'll be able to do in Metis is determined by your Permission level which is set by your company Administrator. You can find this out by clicking My Profile in the top right hand corner of your screen. My_profileYour business leader or Metis Administrator should let you know what your responsibilities are in Metis, but should you need any more help on what you see when you login, you can see our beginner Help Articles here.

Didn't find what you need in this article? You can submit a support ticket or send an email to support@getmetis.com.