Released on Google Play:  8th June 2017

Released on App Store:  9th June 2017


  • You can now see at a glance how many things you need to action. A red bubble on the tab bar shows you how many of each item you need to action, so you'll be even more organised by using Metis on the go!
  • You can now review all of your timesheets from your mobile. The list page now shows Awaiting Approval and Rejected timesheets.
  • Not only can you review your rejected timesheets, but you can action them too!
  • To see timesheets that have been approved, you can use our calendar to go back time and check. Our calendar can take your forwards too, so you can create timesheets for future periods.


Released on Google Play:  25 April 2017 

Released on App Store: 26 April 2017

Feature Release - Timesheets

  • We’ve added current Timesheets to the app so now you can do them on the move. Add jobs and time to any current open timesheet and submit it when you're finished for the week.
  • To review or edit any previous timesheets, you'll need to do this on Metis on the web - this is coming soon for mobile!


Released on Google Play:  30 January 2017 

Released on App Store:  30 January 2017 

Feature Release

  • Metis now supports multi-payment types.  If you have more than one payment type in your profile you'll be able to choose how you paid when you enter an expense on the Metis Mobile App, so its easier to know what's due back to you!
  • And there's a few bug fixes and stability improvements too

Version 2.0.0 (ANDROID) / 2.0.1 (iOS) 

Released on Google Play: 21 December 2016

Released on App Store: 29 December 2016

Feature Release

  • You can now do your Expenses from your mobile phone! You can create a new expense claim, add expenses to it and submit it. That's one less excuse you've got for being late....


  • Need to find receipt photos in an ever growing library? You can now search and filter within your receipt images. This can be done by Date range, and whether or not you have used the receipt image before.
  • And there's a few bug fixes and stability improvements too, so you should have a much better experience using the Metis Mobile App.