System implementations have a greater chance of success when everyone knows about what's coming and what they're expected to do. To help you, we've drafted some example emails that you can use to communicate the arrival of Metis to your team.

This article contains the following:

Other email templates, designed to be used at your 'Go-Live' date can be found here.

What are the benefits of this communication?

1. Your team will know how to access Metis themselves, and what they can expect when they log in.

2. Your team will understand what their privileges and responsibilities are in Metis. This way, there should be no confusion around what they should be doing once Metis goes live. Hopefully this will set the scene for a positive attitude to entering timesheets and expenses for all users, and updating job financials for senior team members.

3. Everyone will feel know where to go if they need help using Metis, so they feel support is available if needed.

Communicating your 'Go-Live' date to the wider business

***Email template start***

Dear all,

I’m pleased to announce that from [enter 'Go-Live' date], we will be using Metis as the basis for running our business. Metis brings together timesheets, expenses, resourcing for jobs and opportunities, and tracking of business financials and profitability. The result will be [add business reason here e.g. better financial insight with which to drive [your business'] continued growth].

How does this impact me? [delete any elements that are not applicable]

You’ll receive an email in due course with more details on how this impacts you in your role, but on a company level:

  • Timesheets are to be submitted by everyone, using Metis, each week by [deadline dates]

  • Expenses are to be submitted, using Metis, [each month] by [deadline dates]

  • [Job Leads/Line Managers - this is dependent on your company settings] will approve timesheets and expenses

What happens next?

You don't need to do anything immediately. I’ll send further instructions and an invitation to Metis as we get nearer to the [enter 'Go-Live' Date]

***Email template end***

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