When implementing a new software into your business, you may face engagement challenges. We've written about ways you can improve implementing a new software into your business, and the challenges you may face when doing so. 

This article contains:

5 ways to increase SaaS product engagement

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Active strategy suggestions

Philosophy Action Strategy
“What gets measured gets done”
If they don’t already exist, introduce regular job performance meetings that holds the team to account for job profitability and best management of resources.
Reinforce that 
people need to take responsibility for their data
Create a charity collection box with a £5 donation from the company for every time when the company data whilst being reviewed is 'out of date'.
Make accurate 
data a prerequisite data for meetings
In your sales meeting you can make it a rule that no opportunity can be discussed if it isn’t already in Metis.
Use Metis as the 
basis for reviewing your business' financials
Use the Dashboard & Pipeline, along with Jobs and Opportunity lists as the basis for the information discussed in your regular sales meetings.

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