Most people request trials so they can test that software lives up to the marketing and uncover specific issues and compromises that relate to the way their business works. We find that without structure, these tend to be inconclusive, either because companies weren’t clear up-front about the questions they wanted answers to, or because they never managed allocate sufficient time and attention to the trial itself. 

Instead, we do a guided walkthrough with you in a live Metis instance, and take you through the completion of a set of tasks which you choose in advance from the list below. This is designed to show you that Metis is very capable of allowing you to do these things, and demonstrate how easy they are in practice.

If you've decided that you'd like to do the Guided Walkthrough, let us know and we'll arrange everything for you.

Do I need to prepare anything for the Guided Walkthrough?

In preparation for your Guided Walkthrough, you will be sent a link to a survey, where you can choose which tasks you want to complete during the session along with indicating your interests regarding exploring Metis more generally. If you have not received this link, please contact your Metis person.


To prepare yourself for this session we ask:

- That you are ready with a Google Chrome browser window on Incognito mode on one computer - this is a screenshare session

- When switching between each user, please do a hard refresh on your browser (For Windows this is Ctrl + F5, and for Mac this is Cmd + Shift + r).

- We will send you login details for each person before the session.

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