Welcome to Metis!

As you're new to using Metis, let's start with the basics. When you first log in, you'll be greeted with your Homepage. This is your hub, from which you can access all the important bits of Metis.



What will I see on my Homepage?

You'll definitely see:

1. My Timesheets & Expenses

2. My Approvals

3. My Assignments

7. A dynamic extension of the selected panel above it

And you might see:

4. My Opportunities

5. My Jobs

6. My People

Let's look at each area in more detail.

My Timesheets & Expenses

This panel shows you if you have any overdue items (timesheets and expenses) or if you need to action any if they have been rejected by the approver.


My Approvals

If you are an approver in Metis of Timesheets or Expenses, this panel will show you if you need to action any approvals.


My Assignments

This panel will be selected by default, and will show a summary of any jobs you are currently working on, along with any you are scheduled to work on soon. This is selected by default, and allows you to see your detailed schedule underneath. Hover over any cell in any week to see details on which jobs you will be working on.



My Opportunities

Here you can see a summary of any opportunities you are leading, and them shown in a list below. 



My Jobs

Here you can see a summary of any Jobs you are leading, and them shown in a list below.



My People

You'll see a group utilisation percentage for all of the People you manage (staff who are marked as counted in group utilisation calculations) for the most recent completed month (last month) and for your financial year to date against the business' utilisation target. You'll then see the list of People you manage and their key information below.



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