The Timesheets tab on the Metis Mobile App allows you to create your weekly timesheet, add time against jobs and submit. It also allows you to edit and submit timesheets that are overdue for previous weeks. When adding time your changes are automatically synced both ways with Metis on the web.

Viewing your awaiting approval or rejected timesheets can also be done from mobile, along with creating future timesheets or reviewing past timesheets. 

In this article: 

Do your timesheet

  1. From Timesheets, click into the week's timesheet you want to submit
  2. Click + Add jobs or timeoff

TIP - The current week's timesheet will be autocreated at the start of the week

Add jobs to your timesheet

  1. Select all jobs you want on your timesheet for that week, or search using the search bar
  2. Click Save

Remove jobs from your timesheet

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the jobs list and select Add or remove jobs
  2. Untick the job you wish to remove from this timesheet
  3. Select Yes, Remove Job
  4. Click Save

Note chargeable time and comments

  1. Navigate to the day and job you wish to note chargeable time against by clicking the day on the top bar
  2. Click the three dots to the right of the job
  3. Click Chargeable, enter the amount of chargeable time and click Save
  4. Click non chargeable, enter the amount of non chargeable time and click Save
  5. Enter a comment if you wish
  6. Click the back arrow (your changes are autosaved)

TIP - if a time cell is marked in red, it is because comments are required for this job.

Submit your timesheet

  1. From within your timesheet, click Submit Timesheet
  2. You'll see a confirmation on the list page

What if I can't see changes I made on mobile in Metis on the web?

Any changes will need to be synced with Metis on the web before you can see the updates on your computer. You will need to refresh your screen to see these in action. 

  1. Make sure you have a network connection.
  2. Open the Metis Mobile App and wait for the Timesheets list to refresh.
  3. If it does not do it automatically then pull down the list to force a refresh.

Completing future timesheets

With the Metis app you are able to complete future timesheets using the calendar.

1. On the Timesheets tab, click the green calendar icon.

2. Locate the timesheet week you would like to enter for.

3. Future timesheets will not yet exist, so you'll need to + Create Timesheet

4. Once created, you'll need to + Add Jobs or Timeoff

5. Complete your timesheet as you normally would.

Viewing past timesheets

With the Metis app you are able to view your past timesheets using the calendar.


1. On the Timesheets tab, click the green calendar icon.

2. Locate the timesheet week you would like to view.

3. You'll see the timesheet details as normally shown.

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