Your business may have several sub-units within it, each relating to a different service or product. Metis calls these Practices, and your platform can be configured to view these areas separately or together.

The distinction Metis makes is:

  • A Practice has it's own financial target, which differs from the target of the whole business. Naturally, the Practice target forms a part of the overall business's financial targets


Client jobs and opportunities must be assigned a practice, which is mandatory on job/opportunity creation. Internal jobs do not need a practice in Metis, as they belong to the organisation.

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How are Practices used in Metis?

Jobs and Opportunities may belong to a specific Practice. As Practices have their own financial targets, Metis allows you to view job and opportunity performance by Practice if you have chosen to set up Metis in this way.

From the Zone Dashboards, you can select the Dashboard of a specific Practice, by choosing Practices as shown below:


If you want to find out more about Dashboards, click here.

Every Client Job and Opportunity in Metis must be assigned to a Practice, and you can even assign People to a Practice.

Where can I edit Practice information?

To update the details of any Practice in your business, navigate to Zones > Settings. Settings is only available to a Metis Administrator.


Once here, you'll be on the General Settings page. Click into Edit mode (top right) and scroll down the page to Practices.


Here you can change the Practice Lead or the Practice Name. This is the Person who will be able to see the Practice from their Dashboards page (as above).


To update the financial details of this Practice, navigate to the Financials tab within Settings.


Here you'll see a list of all the Practices within your business, and their target by month for the current financial year.

To edit this information, just type manually into the box. You can also copy previous Practice targets by clicking the Copy targets from dropdown box and Apply.

You can navigate the financial years by clicking the green arrows at the top left of this table.


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