The People list in Metis is a list of everyone in your business. By default, this list only shows people who are marked as:

  • Available in Resourcing

as these are the People who can be assigned to work on client Jobs and Opportunities. People who can't be assigned to client Jobs and Opportunities will not be marked as Available in Resourcing.

This article contains:

How can I see everyone in the business on the People list?

If you want to see everyone in the business including those who are not available in resourcing, you need to filter the list to include those marked as not available in resourcing.


1. Open up the filters by clicking Show Filters

2. Un-tick the box that says Available In Resourcing. This will now include people who do not have this boxed ticked on their profile in the filtered list

3. Click Apply to run the filters


Your People list will now show everyone in the business.

To see how to make someone available/unavailable in resourcing, click here.

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