Once your business is live in Metis, you may be asking what support we provide your business.

We offer support:

  1. Before rolling out Metis to your entire business
  2. At your Go-Live date (around communicating with your business)
  3. Ongoing platform support

You can find out more about the Support we offer by downloading the attached document.

Ongoing Platform Support

We’re available to support you from 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT/BST), and if you need help outside of this time please create a support ticket through our Help Centre which will be addressed first thing the next working day.

Upon discovering a potential issue in Metis, please follow our article here on taking the first steps to understand your problem.

We ask that where possible, please send us screenshots, or video clips of your issue, as this helps us to help you faster!

Didn't find what you need in this article or the attached document? You can submit a support ticket or email us at support@getmetis.com.