Can I turn off utilisation for an individual?


If you don't want an employee to have utilisation calculated (and thus be included in group roll-ups shown on the People widget on My Homepage and Dashboards), it's very easy to do so.

On their profile (Zones > People), enter Edit mode.

Scroll down to the section Organisation and Resourcing. Deselect the box marked Calculate Utilisation Metric? And voila! 


This person will now be excluded from utilisation calculations, both on an individual level and therefore they won't be counted in group averages shown on the People widget.

Click to read more about how utilisation is calculated in Metis.

How does this affect historic utilisation figures?

Changes to Calculate Utilisation Metric are not retrospective, and only affect the current period and the future. It also applies to any timesheets with a status of 'not submitted' and 'awaiting approval'. For example:

Week 1 timesheet - Submitted & Approved

Week 2 timesheet - Submitted but Awaiting Approval

Week 3 timesheet - current week - Unsubmitted

If you turn this setting off mid-week for an employee in Week 3, then their new utilisation setting will affect their Week 3 Unsubmitted timesheet, and their Week 2 Awaiting Approval timesheet. Their timesheet for Week 1 will be unaffected as this has been Approved.

An individual's utilisation figures as shown in list views (Zones > People) will retain the information accrued when the setting was ON, and won't reset until the next financial year.Utilisation_for_a_person

How does this affect group averages?

As changes to Calculate Utilisation Metric are not retrospective, similarly to above, Metis will retain any utilisation figures accrued during the period this setting was ON, and won't refresh and group settings until the next financial year. For example:

- Financial year begins in January
- An employee has their utilisation turned off in March

The group roll-ups of utilisation as shown on the People widget on My Homepage and Dashboards will retain the information gathered in this period, even after the employee has has the setting turned OFF.

Upon the following January, this information will no longer be included in the group average values of utilisation.

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