In Metis, alongside giving someone a permission level you also choose whether they are Staff or a Freelancer. This article describes the differences around:

How does Freelancer Utilisation differ?

In Metis, a Person's Employee Type can be either Staff or Freelancer. The difference this has on utilisation is:

- Staff - Have utilisation calculated for them and count towards group averages of utilisation

- Freelancers - Do not have utilisation calculated for them and therefore do not count towards group averages of utilisation



A person with 0% utilisation may at first glance by a Freelancer, but they could also be Staff with the Counts towards utilisation  setting turned OFF. Click to read more about that here.

If someone was Staff and became a Freelancer, you would need to create them another profile in Metis. You can read more about that here.

How do Freelancer Internal cost rates differ?

As Freelancers work as and when you need them, the cost of their time to the business may differ from job to job. Freelancers therefore have an Internal Cost Range on their profile, which is variable per job, and can be edited in the Resource Plan.

This is different to Staff as they have a fixed Internal Cost Rate which can only be edited through their Person Profile.


How do Freelancers appear in the Resourcing Zone?

As Freelancers work as and when you need them, they have no fixed working week. On the Resourcing grid they appear with a ? where their total weekly hours should be, and they have the Freelancer tag against their name.


Access - what can Freelancers see in Metis?

A freelancer in Metis can access everything a member of Staff can, based on their permission level. The only thing a Freelancer cannot access is My Time Off. They will not see this tab in their Timesheets & Expenses area.


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