In Metis, you create jobs and opportunities which People can submit time and expenses against, however not everyone can submit things against a job automatically. You need to ensure several steps are taken first to allow access.

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Assigning someone to a job

To enable someone the ability to submit timesheets/expenses to a job, they need to be assigned to the job in the Resource Plan. Click to read how to assign someone to the Resource Plan.

When you assign someone to a job, they will be given the default job duration, which you can amend if you wish.


The minimum information needed to allow someone to submit timesheets/expenses against a job, is by adding them to the role (shown below) and adding a role name, before saving.


Role Duration

When you assign someone to a job, they are automatically given the same role duration as the duration of the job. You can change this however if they only need to be working on the job for a certain length of time within the overall job duration. 

This does dictate if they can submit timesheets or not, so if you find someone who cannot see this job on their timesheets but is in the Resource Plan, check that their Role Duration extends far enough to allow them to submit time against this job.



Role duration does not affect people's ability to submit expense claims against a job. This only impacts their ability to add this job to their timesheet.

Job Duration

When a job ends (according to its overall duration), the job will no longer appear on someone's job list when completing their timesheet. That means they won't be able to submit time against this job, as the job is considered 'finished' by Metis. If you need to allow people to submit time against a job after it's finished, you need to:

1) Extend the overall job duration (click here to find out how to do that)

2) Update the Person's Role Duration to reflect the new overall Job Duration


If you update Job Duration, any key roles (Job Lead and Job Exec) will have their Role Duration automatically updated with the overall Job Duration, as these are directly linked to the job's success.

Person Status - Available in Resourcing

Another reason why you may not be able to charge time to a job is that your Person profile is marked as Not Available in Resourcing. This means to Metis that you aren't allowed to work on any Client jobs. You can edit this setting from the Person's profile. Available_in_resourcing

The job Status

On the Details tab of every job in Metis, there is a Status field, which is only visible in Edit mode. This field affects people's ability to submit expenses against a job.

When a job finishes (if today's date is later than the Job End Date), Metis does not automatically update the job's Status field for you. This change needs to be made manually.

If a job Status = Complete, it means that people can no longer submit expenses against this job. If the job is finished (End Date has passed), but remains Status = Active, people will still be able to submit expenses against this job.


You can use this feature to stop people submitting expenses against a job. Timesheet submission is not affected by changes to the Job Status. 

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