Often in business, staff members in your team may leave but continue to work for you as a freelancer. Similarly, you may take on a freelancer working for you as staff. The need may arise to change their Staff Type in Metis between these staff and freelancer.

This article contains:

Staff and freelancers: the differences in Metis

People's person type in Metis can either be:

  • staff
  • freelancer

They are handled differently in Metis, the main differences being freelancers have:

  • No utilisation calculated
  • An internal cost rangeĀ instead of a fixed rate
  • No standard working hours set (in the Resourcing Zone)
  • No access to Time Off (in My Timesheets & Expenses Zone)


You can find out more about these differences here.

How do I change someone from staff to freelancer (or vice versa)?

Because of the many differences associated with each person type, if someone's type changes from staff to freelancer or vice versa, you need to create them a separate profile, with a separate email address associated with Metis.


You should be able to set your staff-to-freelancers up with an appropriate email alias by speaking to your business administrator.

By having two profiles the following should be observed:

  • This person will appear twice on the Resourcing Zone under the two profile names (e.g. John Smith STAFF and John Smith FREELANCER)
  • This person will appear twice in the People Zone
  • This person will need separate resource allocations when working on jobs/opportunities that span this crossover period

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