When you agree to take on new business, you need a clear picture of whether you have the resource available to do the work. With Metis, you're able to see live who is available to take on new projects and who has been overbooked. This means you can effectively manage resourcing conflicts and reassign roles immediately and very easily, giving you full control of your business's resources.

This article contains:

Viewing your business's resource schedule

Everyone in Metis has a permission level. If you have Level 1, 2 or Admin permissions, you can access the Resourcing Zone. Navigate there through Zones > Resourcing.


To find out more on how to find out or change your permission level, see here.


In the Resourcing Zone you'll see a list of everyone in your business who has been added to Metis, and their weekly availability. You can see at a glance if someone is overbooked (it will show as red), and if someone has extra capacity (partially grey bar).


You can also view each person's schedule detail for any given week, by clicking the dropdown arrow on their name. You'll always know what your team are doing, when and for how long, so no more resourcing conflicts or uncertainty when taking on new projects!



Freelancers do not have a working week defined, so their working week appears with a ? on the Resourcing page.

Assigning resource to a job

To assign people to work on a job, navigate to the job through Zones > Jobs, and click on the job you wish to edit. Go through to the Budget tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Resource Plan. Adding a person is very simple - just click "add new person", and type or scroll search the list to find them.

You'll see their schedule appear underneath, showing if they have capacity for the job you want to assign them to. If they don't, you can assign them to this role if you choose, and take them over capacity, or search again for someone else. Easy peasy! To read in more detail about assigning someone to the Resource Plan, see here.



To assign someone to a job, they need to be added to Metis first. You can add people to Metis in the People Zone. If you are the Job Lead and don't have permissions to add people, please speak to your Metis administrator who can help.

Provisional resource bookings for opportunities

You can assign people to opportunities, as well as jobs, in Metis. When you win the work you can convert it into a job without re-keying; everything is already set up and the people assigned to the job can begin filling in their timesheets straight away. You do this in the same way as for a job (above), except that, while the opportunity remains provisional, it will show in the Provisional bookings for Opportunities line on a person's schedule.


Once this becomes a job, it will move into the Client Jobs row on their schedule. 


To read about converting an opportunity into a job in Metis, click here.

Your assignments schedule (My Homepage)

When anyone logs into Metis, they'll see their Homepage. Shown at the bottom of your My Homepage is your own schedule, so you can see what jobs you've been assigned to with ease, and find out how much time you should be spending on them each week.



To find out more about your Homepage, you can read this article.

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