You can delete a timesheet in Metis if you are a Metis administrator, and can access the Manage Zone.


Deleting the information on a timesheet is final. You can create a timesheet for the same week again, but it will not contain any saved information.

Navigate to Zones > Manage > Timesheets. Locate the timesheet you wish to delete.


You can only delete a timesheet that has not yet been submitted. If it has any other status (awaiting approval/approved) then it needs to be re-opened first.

Open the timesheet by clicking the dropdown arrow on the right hand side. Click Re-open timesheet (if necessary), and then click Edit in Ghost Mode.


Once inside the timesheet, remove the job line items by clicking the minus on the left hand side for each job in the timesheet.


Once all jobs have been removed, the Delete timesheet button will appear. Click it to delete this timesheet.


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