You can delete an expense claim in Metis if you are a Metis administrator, and can access the Manage Zone.


In Metis, you can only have one open expense claim at a time. If you already have an open claim, you need to submit it for approval before you can begin a new one.

Navigate to Zones > Manage > People Expenses. Locate the claim you wish to delete.


You can delete any claim that has an expense item. If you remove all expense items in a claim, you won't be able to delete it, so always leave one!

Open the claim by clicking the dropdown arrow on the right hand side. Click Edit in Ghost Mode.


You don't need to remove any of the expense items within the claim if you intend to delete the whole claim. Simply click Delete Expense Claim underneath the total at the bottom of the page.


You'll then see a warning asking you to confirm the deletion:


Press OK and you're done!

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