Metis enables you to keep track of the progress of your ongoing client jobs in real time. You can see at any moment how much of the time and cost that you budgeted has been used, and see if it's more or less than you'd planned. Metis has a dedicated area for this for each job. You can also evaluate each individual's contribution to generated revenues, costs, expenses, and monitor any external costs attributed during the project's duration. 

Metis compares the forecast - the actual timesheets and expense claims made by your team - against the budget you set out at the start of the job. The difference is the variance. This is very handy for ensuring you're on track and not going to make an unexpected loss on gross margin. If there's a problem, you can see it immediately, and intervene at an early stage.

This article contains:

Navigating to the Forecast tab

To access the Forecast tab of a job, you need:

  • Access to the Jobs Zone (Level 1, 2 or Admin permissions) 


  • To be the Job Lead (Additional role) for this job


To read more about permissions in Metis, see here.

To access the job as a Job Lead, go to your Homepage, find your My Jobs widget, and locate the job in the dynamic list. Or if you have access to the Jobs Zone, you can navigate there and locate the job in the list. 

Click on the name of the job, and once there navigate to the Forecast tab.


Monitoring overall job health

To see how a job is performing against the budgets you planned at the start of the job, look at the snapshot at the top of the page. It tells you immediately the values and gross margin percentages that you were expecting (based on your budgets), compared with your current progress to date (forecast), which uses actual information from timesheets and expenses submitted by the people working on the job.


Reviewing a person's contribution to this job to date

The section below the snapshot shows you more detail about the forecast compared with the budget, for both revenue and costs. When you set up your job budgets, you can allocate budget to different categories. These are People/Time, Expenses and Other. You can read more about the differences between those here.


To further analyse the People/Time contribution of the forecast for this job, click the dropdown next to People/Time.



Your Forecast tab might look slightly different, and may show N/A for some columns. This is because your job is set up differently. To find out more about what you'll see on the Forecast tab based on your Job Type, see here.

To take a look at a person's contribution in even more detail, click on the Eye icon next to their name. You can then see a live comparison of revenue/cost budget vs actuals by month or by week.


With all this information updated live and at your fingertips, you're able to catch any problems before they grow, so you'll never be uncertain about job progress again.

How does compliance affect the forecast?

As forecasts in Metis are based on actuals (timesheets and expense claim completion), any missing ones will affect the values. The compliance overview in the snapshot (earlier in this article) will give you an indicator of how big this effect may be. 

You'll see any missing items when looking at an individual's contribution to this job, by clicking the Eye icon next to their name.



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