Metis captures lots of different types of information, which you can view individually or brought together to provide insights into your jobs and opportunities. You can also see it all together at a company level. Metis Dashboards combine everything, from timesheet actuals and job forecasts to utilisation rates, to give you an overall picture of how your business is doing. This enables you to manage your current progress and take control of your business's future growth and value.

This article contains:

Navigating to the Dashboards


To access the Dashboards Zone you need Level 1, 2 or Admin permissions. To read more about permissions in Metis, see here.

Click on Zones > Dashboards.


The Pipeline dashboard

The Pipeline dashboard shows you your business's forecast revenue from active jobs, and opportunities (weighted by their probability), against the business targets. The widget or summary box shows you the overview of the current 3 month period.

You can see the detailed pipeline breakdown for a period of your choice below, which brings together in one place the recognised revenue, booked revenue and potential revenue from opportunities, to compare against your business's revenue target for the period - and the gap. So powerful!


Keep your opportunities up to date to maximise the benefits of the Dashboard.


Hover over any month to get a quick breakdown of the figures.


For more detail on the figures by month for a period (trend analysis), you can click Show data table.



You can use these screens to drive your sales meetings, and the opportunities list shown below the data table can be used if you want to drill into anything in more detail.

The Jobs dashboard

Click the Jobs widget to see a breakdown of the health of all your active client jobs. Based upon your gross profit targets and what you consider 'critical' (defined in Settings), you'll see a RAG status showing you total revenue values for each 'health group' and an average gross margin % for the group.




 The jobs list shown below the RAG dashboard can be used if you want to drill into anything in more detail.

The People dashboard

Click on the People widget to see an overview of how your team are performing across the business. The widget shows you an average utilisation value excluding freelancers and anyone else for whom you don't calculate utilisation, against your business's targets. You can also see your team's load by month, and a compliance overview to make sure you're keeping track of the accuracy of your job forecasts.


How does compliance affect job forecasts? Find out here.


So much information at your fingertips will mean that you're never unsure again about what's going on in your business. That's the power of Metis Dashboards.

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