If your timesheet is rejected by the approver, you'll see this listed on the Timesheets tab of the Metis app. You'll see the timesheet listed with "X items rejected" against that week's timesheet.


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Review your rejected timesheet

1. Navigate to the Timesheets tab of the app (the first one you come to after logging in).

2. Locate the rejected timesheet in the list and select it.

3. You'll see the rejection comment shown at the top of the page, and the job to which it relates.shown at the top of the page, and the job to which it relates.


The rejection comment on this timesheet applies to the whole job, and does not refer to a specific day.

Edit & resubmit your timesheet

1. Locate the rejected job entry

2. To amend the time entry, click the time box and make your edits

    To amend chargeable vs non-chargeable time, click the three dots and make your edits

3. Select Submit Timesheet

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