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Invite a person ► [?]


1. From the People list page (Zone), click + Invite People

2. Enter First Name

3. Enter Last Name

4. Enter the email address that you'd like to associate with their Metis account

5. Choose their Employee Type

6. Decide their permission level. You can read more about permissions in Metis here

7. Decide whether this Person should have admin rights

8. Select their line manager

9. Do you want this person to have utilisation calculated for them? If so, select Yes. You can read more about how utilisation is calculated here

10. Do you want this person to be available to be allocated to work on client jobs? If so, select Yes. Read more about available in resourcing here

11. Enter their internal hourly cost per hour

12. OPTIONAL - Add a message which will appear in their invitation email from Metisbot

13. Send the invitation email





What does this person receive when I click invite?

The person you've just invited will soon receive an email from Metisbot that looks like this:

invitation email

They should click the link to set a secure password. Then, they'll be redirected to their Homepage for the first time. They've successfully accepted their invite to Metis!

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