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Reports are available in 4 core Metis Zones - Jobs, Opportunities, (People & Resourcing coming soon!), so you must be in the right zone before you begin building your report. Not sure what Zone you should be in? Click here.

How do I create a new report?

For the purpose of this article, we'll show you how to create an Opportunity report. However, in all Zones, the reports functionality is the same.

From the List page in your chosen Zone (in this case Opportunities), click the Reports dropdown and select Create new Opportunities report.


Once there, add a Report name, and optionally a description to explain what this report is showing.


Field selectors

Below, you'll see the field selectors, where you can choose what fields you'd like to see shown on your report. You'll see the 4 field selector options here:


These are mandatory selections, and form the basis of your report. Click each field selector, in turn, to choose how you'd like to set up your report.

1) Time period

A) Choose how you want to display your data over time. 

This is either the entire period of the data (as 1 column so 1 value) or the monthly breakdown (1 column per month, so 1 value per month).


To see how your choice of A affects the report output, see the below image.


2) Group by

Choose what you want field you want to group the data by. The report will contain a summary at group level, and then show the individual items contained inside that group below.



3) Data fields

Choose the data that you'd like displayed in your report (rows of data). Click on multiple items in the list and they are moved to the right hand side display column.

4) Outliers

Choose an output field you'd like to focus on in this report. By choosing an outlier, you'll see this field at the very top of this report, containing the highest and lowest values of this field e.g. if you choose Total People/Time Revenue, you'll see the largest values and the smallest of all opportunities.


Below the main field selectors on the Create report page, you'll see an optional set of fields you can filter by. Very similar to the Filters available on every List page of the core Zone (i.e. Zones > Opportunities), you can use the filters to include or exclude certain data from your report.

When you're happy with your choices, you can press Preview Data Table to see if this what you expected. If not, you can change any of the settings and Refresh Data Table to apply those changes.


When you are ready, you can click Create to generate your report. This will allow you to Save what you have created, and make it available in the reports dropdown list.


How do I update a report?

To update a report that has already been created:

1. Navigate to the report by going to Zones > Report Zone i.e Opportunities 

2. Select the report from the dropdown Reports list

3. Edit the report as required

4. Save the page (top right hand side) and enter same report name (to overwrite) or new report name (to create new report)


Which Zone should I create my report in?

As Reports in Metis are created from with a core Zone, you need to make sure you're in the right Zone before creating your report. Thankfully, knowing which Zone to be in is a simple question to answer. By asking yourself two simple questions, you'll know where you should be.


By identifying what attribute/field you want to report on, and what this belongs to in Metis, you'll know which Zone you belong in. If in doubt, you can refer to the list of all fields contained with each Zone's Reports area, so you can be sure that what you're looking for will be available to report on in a given Zone

Click to see the list of fields for reporting in:

Manage reports in Metis

Click here to read more about managing the reports shown in the Reports dropdown list. The article also contains more about Save, Share and Export functions from within a report.

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