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Navigate to My Time Off

You can access the My Time Off area by navigating to your Timesheets & Expenses Zone. You can get there either through the navigation bar, or from your Homepage.


Once there, click on My Time Off.


How to add time off in Metis ► [?]


1. Navigate to your Timesheets & Expenses area, and select the My Time Off tab.

2. Click + Add new time off.

3. Choose a time off type. These can be amended by your Metis administrator in Settings.

4. Add the start date.

5. Add the end date.

6. Press Save.

7. You'll see the page has updated with your added time off, and this will now appear on your time off widget on the Timesheets & Expenses Summary page.




How is time off calculated?

When you add a time off entry, Metis takes into account all of the available working time in this period and distributes the total appropriately.


What do we mean by available working time? This is counted as:

- the standard company working hours and days (as defined in your company Settings)

- your custom working hours and days (if different to above)

              - time that is not a public holiday (if public holiday calendar has been selected in your company Settings)


Are there approvals for time off in Metis?

Approvals for time off has been submitted as a product suggestion, but it has not yet been added to Metis.


We recommend you tracking approvals for time off requests outside of Metis, or using your HR system.

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